We Should All Eat More Cherries


Cherries are one of the healthiest fruits that you can start your day with. When compared to other fruits, they have more antioxidants than other fruit that you can eat. And yes, they are a fruit, not a berry. As they are on the smaller side, it is easy to think that cherries are berries, but they are not. 

And here are some of the reasons that you should snap up cherry trees for sale when you see them. First of all, let’s talk about those lovely antioxidants that you get in cherries. If we all started our day with a glass of cherry juice, we would all be much healthier. The antioxidant blend in cherries help to reduce inflammation much faster than any other fruit. They are especially good for health conditions affecting the prostate. 

Of course, if you see other fruit trees for sale, you should buy them as well. Yes, it is nice to have a couple of cherry trees in your garden, but other varieties of fruits are good you for as well. That brings us to the next point. Ask the team at Chris Bowers and Sons and they will happily tell you that other fruits mix well with cherries. Apples taste great when juiced with cherries. 

Cherries are also rich in dietary fiber. Bear that in mind the next time you see cherry trees for sale. We all need more fiber in our diet. Fiber helps our body to control blood fats including cholesterol and other blood fats. It can help to cleanse the blood and it is thought that cherries may even clean our arteries. 

You can dry cherries easier than any other fruit. That is another added advantage. On top of that, you can also bake with them. They taste great when added to breads and cakes. Next time you come across fruit trees for sale, there is no reason why you should not ask yourself which ones that would work well with your cherry trees. 

There is nothing to dislike about these delicious fruits. Would you like to know more about the different varieties of cherries that you can grow in your garden? Advice on how to grow cherries and how to make the most out of this healthy fruit is available from Chris Bowers and Sons. You will love having a cherry tree in your garden. One more thing, the flowers smell absolutely amazing in the spring.

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