The importance of sexual harassment prevention training for a safe workplace culture

The importance of sexual harassment prevention training for a safe workplace culture

It is important to obtain sexual harassment prevention training in order to allow for safe workplace culture. Sexual harassment prevention training is as important as anything about a safe, secure, and protected workplace climate in the country. It would not be wrong to say that we cannot construct a safe working atmosphere without highlighting the need for sexual harassment prevention training.

Research tells us that women compared to men need a safer workplace where they can work to their full potential without fear of being sexually harassed by men working there including people in higher positions in the administration. As a female employee, you need to get sexual harassment training, likewise, as a business owner; you are responsible for offering this kind of essential training to your female staff.

That’s because it is only female workers who are mostly harassed to have sex with the men there. At the same time, it is as well important to mention that sexual harassment is not limited to workplace venues only, it may happen anywhere with women, such as in shopping malls, on the roads, in the streets, & other public places.

Studies reveal that companies that provide women with sexual harassment training rarely receive workplace sexual harassment complaints. On the other hand, companies that do not attach importance to the training have to face a higher number of workplace harassment complaints. In order to see a decrease in sexual harassment of women, business owners must ensure sexual harassment pieces of training for female employees so that they can work at workplaces with peace of mind.

Are women the only sufferers of sexual harassment?

In addition to women, other young male employees come secondary when it comes to facing sexual harassment. So, the time has come to create a safer workplace not only for women but also for everyone. Many girls working for companies do not even realize sexual harassment is going to take place with them, and when it becomes obvious to them, it is too late to avoid it.

One of the benefits of the training is that women and girls realize something wrong is going to happen to them before it is too late for them to take some preventive action. As a teenage girl employee, the very first thing you must understand what sexual harassment is and how to avoid it at the earlier stage. The main objective of the training is to educate employees about the signs and indications that will one day lead to complete sexual harassment.

How can you stay aware of the sexual harassment initiative?

There is no use in understanding sexual harassment when it is too late and you cannot help but offer yourself for allowing someone – it may be your boss, colleague, neighbor, or even stranger – to gratify their adult appetite. The training can make you aware of the entire course of sexual harassment from the start to the end. Put simply, sexual harassment prevention training is aimed to educate employees about how to identify sexual harassment in the beginning state and act accordingly.

As a business owner, I offer my staff sexual prevention harassment training as I believe it is well worth the payoff for my staff, particularly female staff. The next important thing businesses must do is integrity testing with a special focus on the tendency of initiating sexual harassment to the opposite or same gender. That is to say, integrity testing must not be limited to honesty and loyalty tendencies towards employers.

An integrity testing – a routine assessment process

In many reputable companies, it is a routine assessment process to hold integrity testing but it lacks the focus on sexual harassment. In other words, it is safe to assume that integrity testing needs to be extended! Gone are the days when the scope of integrity testing was limited to some common characteristics such as ‘wheel & deal’, theft, a tendency to tell lies, and so on.

A male employee must not harass a female employee sitting and working next to the other. There is no doubt that integrity testing can be very good, tried & tested pre-employment assessment tool but it must be extended to another tendency that is sexual harassment. The latest integrity testing must reach far beyond assessing some traditional social characteristics that should be okay.

Sexual harassment preventive measure

Sexual harassment preventive measures can be included in the integrity testing in terms of the holistic assessment process. A comprehensive integrity test should include reliability, values, work ethic, no sexual harassment tendencies, and other competencies. That’s the only way this tool can come in handy for determining competencies including character & background history.

Research tells us that sexual harassment of female employees continues if measuring integrity will be kept limited to traditional characteristics such as the above. It is a welcome change that pre-employment screening is now far easier than it was in the past due to modern and advanced assessment technologies and test batteries.

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