Return To Office: How Should an Office Cleaner Tidy Your Workplace?


Even though the majority of employees prefer a flexible work arrangement, that does not mean you will clean your office that often. Keep your workplace tidy for the safety of everyone. You can hire commercial cleaning services.

With their years of experience and expertise, you can guarantee your office will remain spotlessly clean.


While not all of your employees are inside your office due to flexible work arrangements, that does not mean the dust and other particles will not accumulate. Besides dusting, below are the other things your hired office cleaning services should do:

  • Empty the trash bins and replace the garbage bags
  • Vacuum the floor
  • Clean the windows and entryways
  • Disinfect the office furniture
  • Refill the water dispenser


Regardless of daily office cleaning, your workplace needs a thorough cleaning every week to guarantee it will be ready for the following week. During the weekends, the commercial cleaning services in Singapore will cover:

  • Scrubbing the restrooms, from the sinks to toilet bowls
  • Deep clean the pantry, from the appliances to the counters
  • Polish the flooring
  • Vacuum the carpet flooring
  • Change the faulty light bulbs


Even though an office cleaner in Singapore cleans your workplace daily and weekly, it still needs a monthly general cleaning. Before the month ends, they will need to do the following:

  • Clean window covers and replaces worn-out ones
  • Polish all office furniture
  • Dust and vacuum hard to reach areas like the ceiling and the highest points of the windows
  • Remove any spoiled food from the refrigerator
  • Defrost the refrigerator in the pantry

Keep Your Workplace Tidy

Dividing the workload of your professional office cleaning experts can help you maximise their services in Singapore. Not only will you have a clean and sparkling workplace, but your employees can work in a much healthier working environment.

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