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Is It Time to Consider Arranging For Residential Mold Testing Fairfax VA?

Is It Time to Consider Arranging For Residential Mold Testing Fairfax VA

Not all mold issues are easy to spot. In fact, there may be mold in your home right this minute. The only way to know for sure is to arrange for residential mold testing in Fairfax VA and then take action based on the outcome. If any of the following applies, now is the time to have the home tested.

You Can’t Remember The Last Time The Home Was Tested

Stop for a moment and think about the last time you had the home inspected for mold. Can you remember when that test took place? If it was several years ago, or if you’re not sure the home has ever been tested, no time is better than now.

Mold development doesn’t require a lot. All it takes is an area that’s warm and moist. By the time you begin to notice anything different, the problem could be severe. For this reason, mold testing at least every few years is a good idea.

A Recently Resolved Pest Problem

You may not equate pest issues with mold, but there’s a real connection. Pests can sometimes create points of entry that make it easier for moist air and fluids to get into walls, around joists, and in between floors. Even infestations that involve ruined insulation can set up ideal conditions for mold development.

Once the pests are no longer present, do have the home checked for mold. Doing so will tell you if the pests did create any situations that increase the risk of mold development, and provide you with the chance to resolve them before a problem arises.

After Repairing Storm Damage

A priority after storm damage is to make any necessary repairs. Along with calling in a contractor, it’s a good idea to have experts conduct residential mold testing in Fairfax VA before calling the repairs complete. The goal is to ensure that the damage did not create any conditions that could lead to mold development later on.

This approach often reveals tiny and easily overlooked entry points that would make it easier for moisture to be trapped. Once those are sealed, the odds of mold developing are kept to a minimum.

Changes in Your Health

There’s one more sign that you should call in a professional and have the home tested for mold. It has to do with your health. Lately, there are more headaches, and your nose seems stuffy. You may have noticed that your sleep is not as sound as in the past. All these are common signs of mold exposure.

While there may be another origin for your symptoms, it’s smart to find out if there’s any mold in the home. Spotting and removing the mold may be all it takes to help you feel better once again.

Remember that once mold sets up in the home, it can spread quickly. Before it can progress, have a professional test the home, isolate all the areas where mold is present, and make arrangements for remediation. In the long run, fast action now will prove beneficial in more ways than one.

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