How Can Men Start Wearing Watches?

How Can Men Start Wearing Watches

If you own a watch, you must know how you should wear it. The rules apply to almost all formal events. The best part about owning a watch is that you can wear it with any clothes that are any outfit, including your footwear. But if you appreciate style and etiquette, then you must match the watch as per your outfit. A thumb rule that you must know is that a watch is a great accessory that should be helping you to improve your look instead of dominating it. Check watch styles

Tips To Match The Watch With Your Outfit

Matching the watch with the outfit is not challenging. It is just about considering some factors.

Match The Metals

You have to remember that matching metals goes with the outfits. You can use silver with silver while you can check gold with other gold ornaments. The metal elements of different outfits, like the belt buckles or the shoes or the rings you wear, the cufflinks, should align with the element of your watch. At the same time, you should also consider the watch band. Like the belts or the shoes, the leather watchband should align with the leather present in your outfit. For example, you can wear brown leather shoes with a brown leather watchband, and the same goes for the black band. If you are going to work out, then you can start wearing active watches or sports watches. If you’re wearing grey khaki or any other faces, you should keep them for evening attires.

Should You Wear The Watch On The Right Or The Left Wrist?

You should wear the watch on the left hand if you use your right hand or are a right-handed person and vice versa. The main logic here is that the watch wouldn’t be moved around here, and you would check the time quickly while using your dominant hand for other essential tasks, including using a phone.

Typically a watch must be worn loosely to use your wrist completely. Ensure that your watch doesn’t poke out from underneath the shirt cuff while comfortably standing. It must appear only while you bend your arms.

There are different types of watches available, so you should understand them. You can make your watch a dress watch if you plan to only a single watch. The best part about the dress watch for men is that it is versatile. It looks great with every outfit, from a suit to jeans.

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