Fashion With Functionality: Bag Patterns To Carry On The Slay Game

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Bags are no more a simple utility used to carry things around. These simple, functional accessories are becoming style statements that reflect personal taste and enhance one’s aesthetics. The options are quite diversified, with different bags like backpacks, totes, crossbody, slings, clutches, and many more. Let’s frisk the bag world inside out, from designs to fabrics, from occasion to appropriation.

Different Types Of Bags With Different Uses

As we have named the types in the introduction, let’s dive deeper and check out various functionalities and styles in terms of bag pattern (แพทเทิร์น กระเป๋า, which is the term in Thai), shape and course, usage:


A multi-functional bag that you can take to shopping, picnics, and beach, and carry various essentials. These open, sturdy-handled bags are on the functionality list from market to vacation, from a trip to the office.


A cocktail of style, comfort, and functionality. As the name suggests, a backpack is a bag that rests on your back having two shoulder straps. Everyone loves backpacks, from students to gym heads, from fashionistas to travelers. 

Its designs have variations to fit the style and requirements of users. Every age group and gender slay this bag type.


A statement piece for all the ‘ladies’ out there, here come the most accessorized forms of bags- the clutches. Often held in hand, clutches are perfect for evening outs and formal events. Their versatility ranges from simple and sleek to bold and embellished. You can choose one for the occasion, outfit, or personality.

Crossbody Bags 

The best thing about the names of bags is that they explain what they would look like. A bag with a long strap that can be thrown across the body, making your hands free. 

These bags offer the most convenient access and security to your belongings. You want a crossbody bag when you are out traveling, exploring a city, or when you attend a concert. You don’t want your hands engaged, nor do you want to throw them behind your view in a backpack; crossbody bags have got you covered!


A sachet is usually a structured bag with a flap closure. They are easily organized, multiple-compartment bags that are ideal for professionals. They look formal and add the right amount of style in the right form to your appearance.


Another spacious bag with versatile uses having multiple compartments is a duffle bag. Need to pack a pair of outfits and shoes, or a couple of files and a laptop? You only need a duffle bag to pack light in style.

Besides these, many other types, like messenger bags, handbags, pouches, etc., scream fashion with functionality. 

Patterns And Designs

Bags are not a mere utility; they are part of your outfit. So everything matters, be it form, fabric, or bag pattern. Talking about patterns, they decide the bag’s aesthetic and look. Following are the groups in which patterns are categorized:

  • Minimalistic

timeless patterns like clean lines, simple designs, and sophisticated, neutral colors incorporate the minimalist style. A style that can be formal or casual effortlessly and is more of a personality than just a pattern.

  • Funky and unconventional

quirky patterns, unconventional shapes, bold embellishments, slogans, etc., are funky style elements. These designs are for those who want to make a bold statement and stand out.

  • Vintage

a design line for nostalgic personalities, vintage patterns blend modern functionalities with classic charm. Be it in color combination, patterns, fabric, or size, it is a class everyone admires but only a few can sport.

Fabrics As Per The Vibe And Viability

The bag’s fabric decides how much and where it can be used. Some of the most used fabrics for bags are Canvas, nylon, polyester, leather, and suede. 

Canvas and leather being durable, are used for bags that are frequently used and carry more weight. Leather has a charm and is used in formal bags mostly. 

Nylon is a lightweight, waterproof material ideal for backpacks. They are easy to wash, and this adds to the functionality. 

Suede is a fabric that exudes sophistication and is often used for luxury clutches. Not for daily use, as these need extra care.


Bags are not as basic as the sound. In these times of fashion and functionality, you must choose the right bag for the right purpose. From the form and fabric to functionality, bags constitute your look as soon as you carry them. Different styles and types of bags are available in the market; you only need to look for the ones that suit your style and utility.

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