Do you want a strong quality stillage?


You are in the right place; our company never fails to provide a great quality of the product which will fulfill our client’s satisfaction. We have a large variety of stillages for your businesses. These would help you boost your factory work and would help in quickly allocating resources. We also have large stillage which will assist you carrying heavy goods and moving them quickly from one place to another. It also creates some additional space to fit more goods.

The maximum amount which our Large Heavy Duty Post Pallet Stillage can carry is one thousand kilograms; the base size of this stillage is 2030 x 1060mm which does have a gigantic amount of space. The finishing of this stillage is galvanized which means that it won’t rust or get bad in quality quickly it will work for 5 years or 6 years, it is a guarantee from us. You can visit our website and witness our reviews on our product which may please you.

Our delivery is freed nationwide, which means the delivery has no charges in delivering in Britain and the United Kingdom. Our large stillage is made up of strong quality of steel which would avoid is getting the steel rusty and break apart. We have tested our stillages through lab tests which show that our stillages compared to other company’s stillages are strong and durable and they can carry the bulk quantity of goods without getting broken.

If you have any late-night delivery to be made we will recommend you to contact us for more details and about several charges so that in the future there would be no problems occurring. Our company also provides with a warranty of 3 months maximum and if there is a large stillage or any other stillage, you can refund or replace it with a better one but this would all happened according to the United Kingdom’s laws.

Do we provide discounts and other services?

Yes, we do provide discounts that how many units you would buy, such as if you buy three to six units or more than that you will be provided with a discount which will save a lot of money. We also have kept a sale going on our large stillage, the offer is of limited time so you better be quick to buy before it goes away. If you want more details upon discounts you may visit our site. Our few other services are that our stillages come with pockets which would create additional space for two to five kilograms of good you can keep in.

Moreover, especially our large stillage is very affordable for even small field of working too. You can even pay for the stillages for up to 6 months or even take large stillages or heavy-duty stillages on rent. So what are you waiting to be quick to grab these stillages because chances like this are very rare to come again?

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