Civil or Church Wedding Ceremony – Which Is Right?


Engaged couples feel excited and thrilled when they plan their wedding. With many decisions to make it can be challenging. You will have to go through every single detail like where to seat Aunt Chelsea all the way to which color nail polish you will wear on the big day!

The kind of ceremony you will have is also a big decision. As a local do you desire to get married at the catholic churches in Milwaukee or desire a civil ceremony? It’s the couple’s personal preference, but let’s look into their pros and cons.

Church vs. civil wedding

Both are ways to get married, but the factor that differs both is religion and location. For a religious celebration choose church wedding rites. A traditional approach to say the vows is crucial for many couples. In Milwaukee, you have a local church, which means a lot as you are a member. It can be a clear choice. If you are not into religion and location matters like a destination wedding then civil marriage is an option.

Expectations from wedding ceremony

Church weddings include brides wearing a wedding gown, while the groom is in a suit. It is a formal occasion and includes a full mass and communion with readings from bibles, prayers, and hymns. It lasts for an hour.

Civil marriages are legally binding ceremonies without a religious element. Civil or legal representatives approve it. It takes place in a town hall or registry office or an approved venue. It appeals to the majority of couples who dream to declare their vows in front of stunning backdrops like mountains, countryside, or beaches. The couples dress as they desire and the ceremony can be long or short. Couples can even include bible readings, extracts, or poems meaningful to them.

The decision to choose a church or civil wedding is subjective. Both have their challenges and advantages. Whichever way you decide to go, it should make the couple feel HAPPY!

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