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Choose the Color You Want to Paint Your Back Door

Choose the Color You Want to Paint Your Back DoorImage Source: aldawindows.com

You cannot just ignore your back door and it also needs a coat of paint. Although a bright back door is not going to improve the exterior appeal, it might make you feel happier while sitting on the patio or throwing out the trash after your dinner.

The following are a few considerations for your black colour entry doors so that you can increase the “feel good” factor of your home.

Match and coordinate

Make sure that the color you choose for your back door matches with the exterior color of your house. Also, you may choose any one of the present colors for your back door.

The following are a few tips to chose the color:

  • With a door in sleek black or charcoal, a white clapboard house with black trim and a black roof maintains its tidy appearance.
  • A terra-cotta painted door with forest-green trim is added to a terra-cotta tile-roofed cottage with mint stucco.
  • With a red or light-blue door, your pale iris-painted woman with red trim and a back porch that is the same color appear put together.

Nature and gardens

  • Integrate your backyard’s landscaping with the natural surroundings. Reflect the rich green of the pond’s lily pads or the rosy-pink hue of the lotus flowers.
  • The rich blue of cornflowers or a continuation of the autumn’s pumpkin patch could be the color of the rear door.
  • If you are feeling creative, paint the door with metallic and powdery color streaks to resemble aged copper.
  • Take a photo of a rainbow on your back door if you are a secret or not-so-secret person, then paint each of your patio chairs a different color from the rainbow.

Feng shui and chi

If you want to follow feng shui, then the following are colors that serve different purposes:

  • Courage: Choose orange color which is extroverted, exuberant, and welcoming.
  • Balancing: Choose green which is a color for healing and young-at-heart.
  • Calmness: Choose blue.
  • Positive energy: Choose a yellow color.
  • Wealth and power: Choose a purple color.
  • Freedom: Choose a white color.
  • Mystery and protective: Choose black door color.

So, you have wide choices for your back door. Select them according to your perspective.

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