5 Butt Problems That May Need The Help Of A Vet Clinic In Singapore


Many pet owners always encourage themselves to prepare for unexpected, unfortunate circumstances that may happen to their babies. However, no matter how ready you may be, there are some diseases that your fur baby can develop that you can only get help from an emergency vet in Singapore. One of the body parts they typically have problems with is their bum.

From an anal gland expression in dogs to butt scooting, discover the five common reasons your furry friend might be experiencing booty problems below.


If you ever see your furry pet butt scooting often, it may possibly be because they want to remove faeces from their butts. It can also be due to some objects hanging out of their anus that they want to get rid of badly. You may check their bum for unnecessary things or use a warm, wet towel to clean it. If the irritation persists, visit a vet clinic in Singapore immediately!


Although Shih-Tzu, Bichon Frise, Cockapoo, Cavalier King Charles spaniel, and King Charles spaniel are the most prone to anal sac disease, it would still be best to make sure. Get pet testing in Singapore if you notice that their faecal matter has a sac-like cover with a fishy-smelling liquid. These anal sacs can be very painful and may even swell, so consider having a veterinarian check their bum.

03. DIET

Like humans, your furry friend can also have allergies and food sensitivities that may trigger the development of butt problems. Some food may pressure their gastrointestinal tract, resulting in experiencing an upset stomach every now and then. Before you change their diet, consider getting guidance from a vet clinic in Singapore first. Their veterinarian may recommend a different dog food brand or something that consists of protein and grain.


If you have seen white and seed-like chunks in their poop or bedding, it is a sign to visit a vet clinic in Singapore. Sorry to say, but those things you saw in their anus are not seeds. They are bits of tapeworm. They may have possibly contracted these by eating a flea carrying their eggs. Some symptoms of having tapeworm eggs on their body may also include vomiting, weight loss, and constant licking of their bum.


In rare cases, tumours can also develop in their anal sacs. If they often vomit, pee, drink, get exhausted and have ribbon-like faeces, call for an emergency vet in Singapore to have treatment and diagnosis as early as possible.

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