4 Effective Habits To Tame Common Facial Problems


It’s common for many to struggle to maintain their face free from facial conditions. You can prevent skin conditions such as acne, oily skin and flare-up rashes by changing your lifestyle and following healthy skin regimen habits. While one can easily find the best acne treatment products in Singapore and facial treatment online, your ‘habits’ will make or break your beauty regimen.

Here are a few must-follow healthy habits to tame skin conditions and boost your face’s skin appearance!

Wash your pillowcase weekly

Are you wondering why you are still getting acne after paying for the best facial treatment in Singapore afterwards? Even when you go to bed after having newly washed and fresh skin, your pillowcase deserves a weekly cleaning. With all the dirt, bacteria and sweating or drooling, it builds up and accumulates. Spending your eight hours matters a lot, so why not clean your pillowcase weekly and see how it will decrease breakouts.

Get enough sleep

Sleep is the time when our body recharges and repairs itself. Numerous remarkable benefits you’ll experience if you get yourself enough sleep daily. From glowy complexion to replenishing collagen, less puffy eyes, and lower cortisol, getting a good night’s sleep lessens your stress. Even after you’ve experienced the best facial in Singapore, a night of good sleep will help bring the best result for your skin!

Avoid sharing or borrowing cosmetics.

It might seem harmless at first. However, borrowing or sharing your cosmetics with your friend or loved one can lead to several eye and skin infections. It is because you can pass up bacteria and dirt through these items. In fact, borrowing someone else’s cosmetics is akin to borrowing another person’s toothbrush! Ew!

Have a balanced skin care regimen.

Whether following a simple grooming regimen or a complex routine, ensure that everything is balanced. If you have oily skin, don’t use acne products that can aggravate your skin. Instead, you can use non-comedogenic cleansers and acne treatment products in Singapore.

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