3 Things You Should Know About Raychem Heat Trace And Its Termination Kit


Heat tracing sounds like a foreign term that is barely recognised by civilians who don’t know how to or have nothing to do with the installation of Raychem heat tape on pipes. This method of heat trace is usually standard in plumbers and people whose jobs have something to do with the water systems found in homes and other establishments. People have relied on electric trace heating for temperature protection for nearly a century since heat trace utilises insulation and electricity to either maintain or shift the temperature of pipes or other vessels. Any heat that’s lost from these vessels is replaced with outside temperatures. Using this, a heat trace system is used to protect pipes and tanks from damage caused by freezing while still having the ability to maintain ideal temperatures. This can help with preserving efficiency.

To better understand how this works, here are three things you should know about heat tracing.

  1. Heat Tapes

A heating tape is the most common solution for heat tracing. Heat tape is a type of electrical cable that can be wrapped around or inserted through a pipe in order to apply a specific amount of heat to prevent it from freezing. When pipes turn frozen in cold climates, it can eventually lead to damage that will risk the efficiency of the way your pipes work. Not only is this the most common product, but it is also known for being the least expensive. Ordering a glass tape for heat trace can save your water and money from getting wasted.

  1. Benefits

Heat trace tapes also have their benefits aside from their primary purpose. They can easily wrap around objects which makes installation less complicated. If you ever need heat tape for something other than your pipes, you can purchase one without calling for a particular service to install it for you. With their durability and flexibility, Raychem heat trace tape can twist and turn without you having to worry about it breaking.

Aside from this benefit, a heat tape can heat up quicker than other heat trace solutions. While others may take time, these tapes are designed to have a faster heat-up time, which gives it more time to do its job rather than simply booting up.

  1. Termination Kit

A Raychem heat trace termination kit is a part of a heat trace system as it pairs well with heat trace tape. It is used to terminate the remote and power end found on a heat tracing cable, giving you complete control of the heat produced by these heat tapes wrapped around your pipes and other appliances. It is necessary to have one to go along with your purchase of heat trace tape.

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