10 Thoughtful Gift for Employees During the COVID-19 Pandemic


Covid-19 has changed things, employees have started working from home. It is high time to keep your employees motivated and what better than a gift to appreciate their hard work. However common gifts in past years like movie passes or spa gift cards or amusement park passes, won’t work this year. So here are a few gift ideas you can give it to your employees, this holiday season, during the Covid-19 Pandemic.

Safety Kits

Whizley’s Safety Kits contains all the PPE essentials  needed to protect your employees. The kit contains 3-ply disposable face masks, vinyl gloves, alcohol sanitizer gel and alcohol wipes.

Customized Face Masks

Branding and protection in one. A customized facemask can showcase the brand identity of  your business. Order customized face masks for your employees and stay protected.


Even at home, keeping your hands clean is very important. So giving your employees an alcohol based hand sanitizer as a gift will help them stay healthy.

Office Essentials

Working from home becomes less stressful when there are adequate office essentials around your employees. Gifting an office essential like a diary, desk organizers or memory card can cheer them up and improve their job performance.

Online Course Plans

Employees need personal growth and providing them that chance by allowing them to choose an online course can be a great gift.

Free Subscription to Online Library

One can never have many books to read – It’s a fact. So as a holiday gift you can provide a free subscription plan to an online library for your employees.

Gift Cards

Retail therapy is the best way to cope with quarantine. Your employees will agree.

Treat Hampers

For the stay-at-home hunger pangs. You can give your employees hampers consisting of sweets, chocolates or dry fruits.

Eco-friendly Products

Providing eco-friendly gifts like shopping bag or office accessories like pencils etc can be a perfect gift for the holiday season for your employees and the Earth.

Framed Picture

A framed picture of the whole office team is a bittersweet bond of memory while we all work together to overcome this pandemic.

Wrap Up

So here are a few gift ideas you can give your employees this holiday season to show your appreciation for their hard work.

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