Why Is COD A Hassle-Free Payment Option For Online Purchases?

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Most of the time, people are in two minds while ordering anything online. They have many questions, like what if the brand is fake, or what if they will not receive the products after making an online payment to place the order. This is when cash on delivery (เก็บ เงิน ปลายทาง, which is the term in Thai) turns out to be the perfect solution for these kinds of issues.

What Is “Cash On Delivery”?

It is popularly known in the industry by its abbreviation, which is COD. It is a popular payment method that allows customers to make their payments at the time of delivery after they place an order online. This option is handy for people who do not have access to

  • Online Payment Methods
  • Debit Or Credit Cards
  • Mobile Or Online Banking Facilities.

Here is a comprehensive guide on how to apply and the relative benefits of COD

There are several benefits to paying when the product arrives at your doorstep. Firstly, it increases trust and security for customers who have doubts about the delivery partners and the brand at times. These are the basic steps that will help in understanding the payment process easily and swiftly.

Step 1:Checking The Online Store Thoroughly.

The first step is to see if the online store you intend to buy from accepts this payment method. This data is usually available on the store’s payment methods or checkout page.

Step 2: Choosing The Option For Payment On Delivery

Once confirmed, select it as the payment method of your choice during the checkout process. This option is usually accessible through the checkout page, which lists various payment methods. Continue the following process by selecting the option of payment on delivery.

Step 3: Order Verification

You will be asked to confirm the details of your order, such as the shipping address, item quantity, and price, before submitting your order. Check everything carefully to ensure that it is proper. Proceed to the next step.

Step 4: Waiting For Delivery

The online store will handle it and ship the items to your address. You can pay for the items in cash when the delivery person arrives with exact change.

Step 5: Receive Your Items

Once you have paid for your items, the delivery person will give you your items and the transaction is complete.

However, it is essential to check that the online store offers this option and that you have the exact amount of cash ready for delivery.

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