Troubleshooting Pressure Tanks: 5 Warning Signs to Watch Out For


Pressure tanks have the primary function of pressurising the well water. No matter where you locate it, it’s connected to the main water line that supplies your home at the bottom.

However, there may be circumstances for troubleshooting, such as dealing with a damaged diaphragm. As the air goes into the water, the tank’s ability to sustain the proper water pressure reduces.

Here are methods for determining if this is the root cause of your water problems.

1. Faucet starts spitting out air

During pressure tanks burst in the bladder or diaphragm, part of the air will leak out of the valves. As a result, the faucets will spout, and the supply may be inconsistent. Your home’s plumbing system may be malfunctioning. Consider checking if you need a dispensing pump.

2. Unusual sounds

When a bladder rupture causes pressure variations, the pressure switch may click frequently. Before you conclude that pressure tanks don’t work, you can test the bottom of the tank first. You can then check the top to see if the tank has become flooded.

3. High electricity bill

When you see an increase in your electric bill, you may have an issue with the pressure tanks at home. As a result, the pressure pump cycles on and off more frequently. A flooded pressure tank can significantly impact your power bill when the upper chamber gets submerged.

4. Conflicting pressure indicator

When the pump is running, you can check the pressure gauge. If the tank bladder is damaged, the needle will move back and forth as the pump works. For a high level of accuracy, consider investing in precision dispensing.

5. Hot water

Without pressure-compensating shower valves, you could get burned in the tub. The air in the pipes causes fluctuations in the cold water supply, whereas the water heater maintains a consistent flow.

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