Learning The 6 Teaching Techniques Tutors In Singapore Use Nowadays


When I enrolled my kiddo in a primary math tuition centre in Singapore, I noticed cardboard in the room, saying, ‘I never teach my pupils; I only attempt to provide the conditions in which they can learn.’ That quote from Albert Einstein struck me. Everything around your little one can impact the way they gain knowledge of and study. That is why tutors should offer a variety of teaching techniques.

Some teaching concepts I noticed from the secondary math tuition centre in SingaporeI enrolled my kid to include the following:


Whether it is for maths, Science, or primary English tuition in Singapore, I noticed most tutors use interactive games. Playing games during assessments has helped test comprehension of the subject material. The interactive games work to keep them focused on learning.


Back then, most college lecturers and university professors used this technique to pause their lectures and give students a peaceful 15-minute breather or break so that they could get their minds focused. The secondary English tuition centre in Singaporeoffered two- to three-minute pauses for my son and his classmates to give them time to comprehend what the tutor explained. They even asked to summarise everything they grasped during the pause period.


One of the most common concepts tutors use is the think-pair-share method. During my quick visit to the secondary English tuition centre in Singapore, I observed how they perform this. First, it begins by providing information to the students within the centre. They often do this through a short lecture, a five-minute video, or text. They ask a question afterwards to test their thinking, discuss it with their partner, and share their discussion with the whole class.


Kids tend to get bored quickly. Luckily, the primary math tuition in Singaporehas some tactics to deal with their boredom. Besides holding classes at their centres, they also arrange a few tutoring sessions, such as in the outdoor area of the institution, park, and museum (for art classes!).


According to some studies, using humour actually has a positive effect on students. And maybe that is the reason the primary math tuition in Singaporeuttered a few jokes during the class. I overheard some examples of their puns during their English, Science, and maths sessions:

  • Why is seven one number higher than six? Because seven eight six!
  • Among the 26 letters in the alphabet, which one letter consists of a good amount of water? C!
  • What makes people fall in love with each other? Chemical bonding!
  • Which is the only place that Friday comes first before Thursday? In the dictionary!


Another thing I noticed was the use of technology. The primary math tutor and tuition in Singaporeutilised multi-media sources to help grab the attention of her students. She played some video clips and songs related to the topic at hand. During the English lecture, she used literature and let the kids listen to them.

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