Essential Information You Need to Know About Hard Disk Degaussing


It’s more challenging than you would imagine permanently deleting data. When you erase a file on the surface, all that remains are the computer’s instructions for the file. A hard drive degausser is required to remove data. But, what is hard drive or disk degaussing?

HDD Degaussing

HDD degaussing is a technique for permanently and safely erasing data. It uses magnets to wipe off any digital storage that also uses magnets. Magnets in these devices must be at least 1.5 times stronger than the magnetic intensity of the storage you are erasing. Strong magnets on the hard drive degausser will more likely delete the data on the device entirely, permanently and securely.

The Kind of Devices It Can Delete

Degaussing can ease data from any storage device that uses magnets. Hard drives, floppy disks, magnetic tape, and other storage devices fall under this category. However, HDD degaussing does not work with several types of storage, specifically those that do not rely on magnets. Speak with a data expert who can help you choose the best course of action based on your storage media.

Permanent Deletion

Experts suggest having a hard disk undergo degaussing to guarantee that data saved on them is never read or accessed by anyone. Degaussing a drive permanently alters the device’s composition, rendering it unusable, much alone readable. Data saved on a degaussed disk is irreversibly lost, with no chance of recovery. However, experts will still advise you to destroy the gadget.

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