5 Webinar Tips On How To Keep Your Audience Listening


Besides conducting a webinar in Singapore, keeping your audience engaged is challenging with the online setup. Since most of these people are behind the screen and at home, you might experience finding ways to make sure they are listening.

Hosting a webinar necessitates that participants concentrate on the material you’re delivering. Even if your content is excellent, it will be of little help if your audience forgets they are in an event. To help you solve this, here are some tips you can use when doing live video streaming.

  1. Have a topic that captures attention

To keep your audience interested, you must first develop an exciting subject. If you conduct video conferencing in Singapore with a general theme, it will be tough to draw in attendees. A good topic familiar to your target audience will keep them listening.

  1. Create a visually appealing presentation

Their attention span depends on the materials that they see on screen. Your viewers will be more captivated by well-crafted slide decks. It also applies to live streaming in Singapore since it is more exposed to the public.

  1. Let them know what to expect

Why should they listen to your video live streaming? Once you’ve sparked their interest, let people understand what they will get from the webinar. Keeping expectations in check will keep them engaged until the end.

  1. Interact with them

The best way to keep them listening is by socialising with them throughout the event. If you want to conduct a webinar and get more Singapore audiences, consider doing Q and A sessions. Let them express their opinions during the program.

  1. Plan a game

People are always excited about games, giveaways or prices. Leave out a few questions and challenge them to answer them at the end of the webinar. It will keep them staying during the live video streaming.

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