The best part about traveling is learning about new cultures and understanding why were they developed. However, when we are traveling, it is easy to see the culture just from the outside, but it is completely impossible to be a part of it and learn about it in detail.

Nevertheless, thanks to community tourism, that has made it possible for tourists to fully experience the culture and traditions of the place they are visiting. By following this idea of tourism, you get to stay with a local family and see how they live their day to day life. You get to see how a community is beneath the upper surface as well as help the local economy.

Points to keep in mind before opting for community tourism:

  • Be prepared for everything

Just like the cultures and traditions vary around the globe, so do the homes and facilities. You might get to stay with a family which will clear a room for you as well as provide you meals and treats you like a family. On the other hand, you might even get to stay with a family which will have all the facilities you can expect to get at a high-class hotel. So, go with an open mind and enjoy whatever comes your way.

  • Be polite while communicating

Remember, English isn’t spoken everywhere. So, at times you might have to communicate only by smiling and pointing.

  • Participate

The entire idea of such tourism is to ensure that you get to know the real culture and tradition of the local people. So, make sure you are participating as much as possible.

  • Share

You are certainly there to know more about their lives and cultures, but well, they want to know you too. So, make sure you share your stories, maybe even show pictures of your hometown and family. This will create a special bond and you will enjoy your stay more.

So, all in all, community tourism is a great way to explore the world and its different traditions. All you need is the open-mindedness to be with some completely unknown people and learn to live a little like them.

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