Worlds’s 15 Amazing Hotels

Here we are going to describe about the world magnificent hotels.

1.    The Galactic Suite Space Resort, Barcelona:-It is a well planed hotel in space and all kind of facilities are available in it. when it opens for business in 2012, wealthy guests will be charged $4.4 million for a three night stay at the first planned hotel in space – eight-week training course on a tropical island included.

amazing galactic suite space resort barcelona e1279803103480 Worldss 15 Amazing Hotels

2. California’s Madonna Inn, USA
: – there are wacky themed rooms in it. This room looks like cane and your room looks like to submerge in a cave.

amazing Californias Madonna Inn e1279802814478 Worldss 15 Amazing Hotels

3. The Gamirasu Cave Hotel, Turkey:-Its not a cave to sleep infect people love to come here because of it is “used to be a Byzantine monastic retreat, dated to about 1,000 years old,”

the amazing gamirasu cave hotel e1279803671310 Worldss 15 Amazing Hotels

4. Goldfish Hotel at Amsterdam airport:- this hotel is designed for your Goldfish, you can leave your fish in hotel and can go anywhere for vacation.

amazing goldfish hotel at amsterdam airport e1279804010107 Worldss 15 Amazing Hotels

5. Utter Inn Stockholm, Sweden: – The Utter Inn is a submerged suspended hotel with an archetypal Swedish red house as the peak floating part and an aquarium as the bedroom.

 Worldss 15 Amazing Hotels

6. The Capsule Inn, Japan:-it is the smallest place to sleep in the whole world, it is like a cabin.

the amazing capsule inn e1279804444339 Worldss 15 Amazing Hotels

7. Mardan Palace Hotel, Turkey:-it is the most expensive hotel of Europe. It has a big swimming pool which could take half an hour to cross. The spa has a room full of genuine snow. Its bathrooms have gold-plated mirrors on the floor.

amazing mardan palace hotel turkey e1279804663793 Worldss 15 Amazing Hotels

8. The Giraffe Manor, East Africa:- it is establish in East Africa famous for its tenant flock of giraffe. But the giraffes don’t just roam the grounds the eat dinner with you by sticking their heads through the windows.

the amazing giraffe manor east africa e1279804781462 Worldss 15 Amazing Hotels

9. The Hotel IM Wasserturm, Germany:- It is one of the finest hotel of world. it used to be Europe’s largest water tower but now it has turned into a hotel.

the amazing hotel im wasserturm e1279805029727 Worldss 15 Amazing Hotels

10. Das Park Hotel, Linz, Austria:-it is constructed with drain pipes, it has a simple exterior but if you look from interior, it would be marvelous for you. Full headroom, double bed, storage, light, power, woolly blanket and light cotton sleeping bag are available in it.

the amazing das park hotel e1279805155914 Worldss 15 Amazing Hotels

11. Burj al Arab Dubai:- Burj al Arab Dubai:-this hotel is made on sea and looks like a blowing is most expensive hotel of the world. The Royal Suite in this pricey hotel costs $14,976.  The suite is 8,400 square feet, offers a rotating bed and private cinema and overlooks the turquoise Arabian Sea.amazing burj al arab dubai e1279805576382 Worldss 15 Amazing Hotels

12. Jumbo Hostel in Switzerland:- It’s undoubtedly not easy to sleep on the airplane. if you calculate the Jumbo Hostel in Switzerland. “Here you can spend the night on board a real jumbo jet.

amazing jumbo hostel in switzerland e1279805738311 Worldss 15 Amazing Hotels

13. The Marmara Antalya, Turkey:- This rotating hotel is a feat of engineering. The 2750-ton edifice floats in a tank of water, allowing smooth rotation and giving guests constantly changing views of the Mediterranean.

the amazing marmara antalya turkey e1279805924628 Worldss 15 Amazing Hotels

14. Quinta Real Zacatecas, Mexico:-it is unusual hotel of world and built into the grandstand of the restored San Pedro bullfighting ring, which was built in the 19th century and witnessed its last corrida in 1975.

amzing quinta real zacatecas mexico e1279806056107 Worldss 15 Amazing Hotels

15. Null Stern Hotel, Switzerland: – it is world’s first zero-star hotel. it has occupies the underground space of a nondescript apartment block. The hardened concrete structure and near-two-foot-thick blast doors were designed to take the full brunt of a nuclear or chemical attack.

amazing null stern hotel switzerland e1279806242378 Worldss 15 Amazing Hotels

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