Why its hard to Lose, the last 10 pounds

last 10 pounds weight lose 01 e1279813545662 Why its hard to Lose, the last 10 pounds

Weight is one of the major factors to be strong and healthy. If your weight is in control then you can remain healthy and fit. The White house has defined that a number of chemicals are destroying human health because it contains endocrine disrupting chemicals, or EDCs. They are possibly the best reason for obesity and fatness.

last 10 pounds weight lose 02 e1279814055780 Why its hard to Lose, the last 10 pounds

Traditional diet does not work to help you in your losing weight as traditional diet also contains a little amount of EDCs. Look, an apple a day may have kept the doctor away, is a 250 years old phrase but think about it that if apple also contains same chemical then how would you maintain your health? Science has discovered that apple also contains same chemicals. We usually choose chicken over beef, eat more fish, eat more fruits and vegetables but even then we cannot reduce our weight because they all contain those chemicals.
Followings are perimeters to maintain your weight:-
1)    Never heat food in plastic containers in a microwave oven.
2)    Avoid buying fatty foods like meat and chicken.
3)    Cut down on canned goods.
4)    Choose pasture-raised meats.
5)    10 miles walk at every morning in a garden.
6)     Filter Your Water.
7)    Bed at 10 p.m.

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