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  • Creative Skull Shaped USB Gadgets

    Universal Serial Bus (USB) is a set of connectivity specifications developed by Intel in collaboration with industry leaders. USB allows high-speed, easy connection of peripherals to a PC. When plugged in, everything configures automatically. USB is the most successful interconnect in the history of personal...

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  • UCIM Concept Camera by Samsung

    The UCIM Camera concept looks more like some sort of USB hub at first glance, considering it comes with a trio of USB ports that allows you to insert another three USB flash drives simultaneously. The idea behind this concept is to instantly share the...

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  • Chirita Paris Presents French-style USB Drive For this Christmas as a Gift

    The love that men have for technology and gadgets is really not a revelation. And if you can make up your mind as to what to give to the man of all seasons in your life, take the gadget way! And to make these high...

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