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  • Amazing Art of Flame Shapes

    The most interesting artworks are artworks combining ordinary items and the art itself. Like the following artworks of Russian photographer Pol Tergejst. He uses flame shapes to create some kind of flame-shape paintings, he composes different images of them. In this post you will see...

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  • Mesmerizing Mosaic Art Work by Charis Tsevis

    Charis Tsevis is an experienced and extremely talented visual designer from Greece. He has become very popular once he took the several pictures of Barack Obama and other famous celebrities. Recently, he has done the most interesting mosaic work. Charis Tsevis...

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  • Amazing Art with House Hold Objects by Terry Border

    Just give it a look and you can’t resist seeing more. Terry Border has come up with this hilarious yet amazingly imaginative idea, of bending simple household objects and creates life in them. Peanuts, matchbox, small bottles or olives, anything that comes to your mind,...

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