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  • “Coral Reef” An Eco Village by Vincent Callebaut

    After the concept of Lily pad, Vincent continues to force out wonderful concepts of futuristic eco structures. This time he is motivated by the organic form of coral. He has created utopian eco villages for 1,000 Haitian families affected in 2010 by an earthquake measuring...

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  • Water- Based Cell Phone AQUA by Bon Seop Ku

    A South Korean designer Bon Seop Ku has introduced a very unique and innovative mobile phone of Samsung. He named this mobile AQUA and it seems like it is consists on water. The designer got the idea when he was considerately drawing some shapes with...

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  • Amazing Art on Plastic bags by Josh Blackwell

    Plastic bags are considered to be extremely fatal for the environment but the designer Josh Blackwell recreated them by embedding embroidery, thread work, fabrics and other fancy stuff to turn them into Art pieces. He has used many colors and relishes them with beautiful patterns...

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  • Environmental Friendly Dinner Ware

    Have you ever thought that how much energy resources are consumed to put together your elegant and startling kitchen glassware and ceramic ware? When the whole world is combating global warming and loss of our limited energy resources, a stunning range of kitchen ware is...

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  • Now See-Through Glass Can Produce Electricity

    There is a major breakthrough in the field of science and that is a simple transparent glass which produces electricity. This amazing fact was carried out through the plain glass window. The company developed a glass window capable to produce electricity using the smallest working...

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  • Eco-friendly consumer technology, Carbon Free Motorola

    The worst substance that is the cause of global warming is carbon or any carbon emitting source. The MOTO™ W233 Renew, like any other Motorola device gives hundred percent satisfactions to the consumers and on the same side when authorize the gadget, you reduce carbon...

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