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  • Relax on a Stunning Wave of Wellness

    This beautiful hammock called Wave is manufactured by Royal Botania and is designed by Erik Nyberg and Gustav Strom. The design of this hammock has received great attention at show in Dubai in June 2008 and continued its success Paris 2008. WAVE was selected as the...

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  • The Octopus Chair designed by SAMWOONG LEE

    Chair Description from The Designer : The material called natural mother-of-pearl has never a same color and pattern. In addition, the pattern, the color and the re flexibility of natural mother-of-pearl is changed by the angle throwing light and a situation. I would ...

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  • Nice Designs of Coffee Tables

    Beautiful designs always seems to be very nice to eyes. we usually see the things with same designs but when we see it designed  in some different way, it make us think twice about its beautiful designing. Coffee Table as Multimedia: Here are some nice and different...

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