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  • Creative Ceramic Sculptures by Jessica Harrison for Horror Lovers

    Jessica Harrison is a British figurine artist who sculpts unusual renderings of traditional furniture pieces. While the tradition of decorative ceramic figurines is filled with beautiful and serene subject, UK ceramic artist jessica harrison takes a decidedly darker approach. Her recent ceramic work uses this...

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  • American Jesus by David LaChapelle

    David Lachapelle has recently worked on American Jesus which will be exhibited till 18 September in New York’s gallery Paul Kasmin. His effort is fairly poppy; religious-themed work features current icons in tableaux directly out of the gospels.Sure you will admire his work. For more...

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  • 20 Gloomy Face Chinaware Dolls

    There are things in life that define our personalities more than our character simply because we use them. The prettiness and grace of these things are such that a love for them would mean much more than materialism. The reason for this is that real...

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  • Great sculptures by Vera Viglin

    Breakfast on Grass: Art and sculpture making is in fashion from the beginning of world. There are lots of sculptures made in this world, some are signs of most beautiful art work and the statue of many people has been made in different country to remember...

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  • Rio’s Christ statue gets new life through restoration

    Statues are mysterious as well as worthy for the beauty of City. Statues create a center of attention by the visitors. It helps country to get fame. Here we are going to describe statue of Christ overlooking Rio de Janeiro which is located at the peak...

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  • Incredible Sculptures of Mark Newman

    These beautiful sculptures are talent of Mark Newman. He did his graduation from Art Academy of San Francisco and is practicing his art of sculpting from the 14 years of professional life. Here you have opportunity to assess his talent of sculpting which he done...

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