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  • Amazingly Realistic Paintings by Joe Simpson

    Joe Simpson is a metaphorical painter presently living and working in London. His paintings have been publicized on both levels countrywide and worldwide, as well as impressive places such as Urbis, Manchester City Art Gallery, Corner house and The House of Commons.   Joe works mostly...

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  • Amazingly Realistic 4D Art in China

    As ‘realistic’ as it may look, this incredible painting is simply part of a new exhibition of four dimensional arts in North East China. The collection of paintings, on exhibit at a modern art exhibition in the Jilin province, uses methods similar to the ‘stand-up’...

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  • Well Decorated Eggs Photos

    Egg decorating is the art or craft of decorating eggs. It is quite a popular art/craft form because of the attractive, smooth, oval shape of the egg. Any bird egg can be facilitated in this process, but most often the larger and stronger the eggshell...

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  • David Walker’s Amazing Brush Less Portraits

    Artist David Walker doesn’t use brushes because he wants the pieces to raise questions about graffiti and traditional painting. He only started painting three years ago. For two of those years, he only painted in black, white, and pink because it was cheaper and allowed...

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