Amazing car Volkswagen Beetle runs on Human waste

When the whole world is facing the fatal problem of Carbon emitting fuels and on the other hand is threatened by the shortage of all non-renewable fuel, i.e.  Oil and gas a revolution has occurred. A company namely GENeco based in UK has come up with the idea of Bio- Fuel. Instead of regular fuel they tested the Bio-fuel on Volkswagen Beetle, a very renowned and expensive brand in cars. Amazingly the car showed no change in its performance.  The maximum speed was as usual 114 miles per hour and the mileage was even better.

car run by human waste e1281726968371 Amazing car Volkswagen Beetle runs on Human waste

Bio-Gas is basically a bi product of human waste. No one could think that one day we will be able to recycle this waste into something useful which will in turn save our resources and our environment too. Hats off! Let’s just say it together. GO GREEN!!

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